photos & cgi

I like learning by experience as well as through fieldwork, and I am delighted at being put to the test. This is the reason why after I got my high school leaving qualifications I decided to follow my passion and to approach the photography industry. In 2008 I stated working in collaboration with the Italian photographer Amedeo Novelli. I was in charge of taking pictures for Canon Fotografica’s events in Milan and of organizing technical workshops.

In 2011 I was taken on as a photographer by CGI Partner @StudioSmog  and I had the chance to develop my knowledge going through 3D production and final editing. I continuously hone my skills by tooking courses in software such as Autodesk 3ds Mask and V-Ray.

Because I intended to continue on my journey of personal growth, improvement and self development, in April 2014 I joined as official photographer the creative team of The Dummy’s Tales, an Italian on line magazine that deals with fashion, beauty and art. Through my shots I aim at unveiling the joyful and pleasant experience of intimacy between myself and what is photographed.